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Developed by A.S.D. Sporting Nola:

Soccer Notes

Soccer Notes is practical notebook which let you take down news about a football match; you can take notes about:

While you write your notes, you don't need an internet connection: at the and of the match you can send match notes through email.

Download from market!

You can download and install Soccer Notes through the Android Market. All of the source code to this product is available under GPL v.3: you can find source code at

You can help us to translate and correct the software writing an issue at

To contact the developer you can send a mail at casillo DOT paolo AT gmail DOT com.

Sigle Cartoni Animati

Sigle Cartoni Animati una semplice raccolta di link a sigle dei cartoni animati presenti su Youtube: nessuna sigla stata caricata dallo Sporting Nola. Per chiedere la rimozione di un link dall'elenco scrivici a casillo DOT paolo AT gmail DOT com. Per la rimozione di un video, invece, contatta direttamente Youtube.

Scarica dal market!

Il programma e i sorgenti sono disponibili con licenza GPL v.3: per i sorgenti visita il sito

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